Featured in Grand Designs magazine

We are very excited to see one of our recently completed projects featured in this month’s (September’s) Grand Designs Magazine. 

Credit to Kast Architects for a beautiful design and build.

Our garden design featured a number of large informal plantings designed specifically for the challenging exposed coastal conditions. Key plants included Cortaderia richardii, Eryngium agavifolium, Euphorbia seguieriana, Phlomis italic and Tamarix ‘Pink Cascade’.

Grand Designs magazine Sam Ovens

Sam wins GOLD at inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

RHS Chatsworth Gold Sam OvensWe are very proud to announce that Sam has been awarded a GOLD for his Wedgwood Garden at the inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017.

Sam’s beautiful design reimagined the traditional English garden for a contemporary audience.  Its generous informal planting of massed perennials around specimen trees, a black trapezoid pool and immaculately crafted stone dividing walls all contributed to the gardens unique atmosphere and ultimate success.

We were thrilled with the result and would like to thank everyone involved.



Something a little bit different, couple days away working on a wildflower meadow installation for a private event at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, West Sussex.

Press Day

TheCloudyBayGardenRHSChelseaFlowerShow2016 Suzanne Wyman Jerry Hall3083 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 23 2016 220x300
TheCloudyBayGardenRHSChelseaFlowerShow2016 Philip Treacy Hat Designer3019 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 23 2016 220x300
TheCloudyBayGardenRHSChelseaFlowerShow2016 Royal Chelsea Pensioner2639 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 23 2016 220x300
TheCloudyBayGardenRHSChelseaFlowerShow2016 BrendanCole2849 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 23 2016 220x300
TheCloudyBayGardenRHSChelseaFlowerShow2016 BenMarinaFogle2860 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 23 2016 220x300

TheCloudyBayGardenRHSChelseaFlowerShow2016 Jim Carter Sam Ovens Designer2989 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 23 2016 1100x600

On Site

Were on site, a month of madness begins! 

Cloudy Bay Sam Ovens Build2050 Piers Cunliffe PhotographyMay 22 2016 1100x400

Cabin Construction

The cedar has arrived at the farm and cabin construction can begin…

P7270454 275x275
P7270454 275x275
IMG 4214 E1469626406853 275x400
IMG 4378 E1469626453791 275x400

Chelsea Debut

Exciting times ahead! I can finally announce that I will be making my Chelsea debut, creating my first garden on Main Avenue for Cloudy Bay next year…

The garden design is inspired by Cloudy Bay’s 30-year winemaking heritage at the pioneering winery in the Marlborough region in New Zealand using nature as a source of its inspiration.

The garden is designed to be a secluded retreat in which to escape. It is a serene space designed to evoke memories as one breathes and savours the experience of the garden.

The salient feature of the garden is its intricacy but powerful simplicity. The primary material is western red cedar timber, which is used in the construction of the deck, boardwalks and cabin. It is a natural material that exudes quality. A large reflective pool adds a sensory element to the design with connotations of setting sail and drifting away or escaping. The cabin and boardwalk elements have a pontoon-like quality.

The planting palette is made up primarily of heathers, pines and grasses – bold and simple selection that evoke memories and transport people to another place. There are no boundaries to the garden increasing a sense of freedom when enjoying it from within. 

P7270454 275x275
P7270454 275x275


It’s been a busy week relocating my gold medal winning ‘Sky’s the Limit’ garden 300 miles to St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth.

The garden has been redesigned for the new site and now acts as a place for recuperation and contemplation for patients and their loved ones. 

P7270616 220x300
IMG 1341 275x275
IMG 1353 E1469632819222 275x275
IMG 1363 E1469632695898 275x275
P7270159 275x275
IMG 1395 275x275
P7270454 275x275
P7270454 275x275

RHS Young Designer of the year 2014

RHS Young Garden designer

Sam is thrilled to have won the RHS Young Designer of the Year competition with the ‘Sky’s the Limit’ Garden.

The garden design challenges the way we think about outdoor space, a multi-storey garden in which every square inch of ground can be planted. It’s a garden that connects us with plants and wildlife and reminds us of the importance of our gardens. 

2016 05 22 124 366x366
P7270472 E1460577857481 220x300
P7270485 220x300
P7270612 220x300
P7270616 220x300

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